A story of exploration and encounter, storytelling and remembering, claiming and surviving in Central North Dakota.

Tim Brook has been awarded a Getty Scholar grant from the Getty Research Foundation for the coming academic year. These grants are awarded annually to established scholars, artists, or writers working on aspects of the visual arts who have attained distinction in their fields. Recipients reside at the Getty Research Institute in Los Angeles and pursue their own projects free from academic obligations.

This story was originally published in the Ubyssey (http://ubyssey.ca/features/our-campus-frank-roberts-985/).  
Story written by Julia Browne; photo by Hogan Wong.

Every history student at UBC should thank Frank Roberts’ wife. If it weren’t for her, the beloved professor would have never left England for Canada.

“I met my Canadian wife when we were both teaching in London,” he said. “I decided to give Canada a shot — and I liked it.”

Jeff Byrne2012 marks the fiftieth anniversary of Algerian independence after its long and bloody national liberation struggle against France, 1956-1962. Prof.

The website for the celebrated new, genre-bending documentary film, The Act of Killing, relies on the work of UBC History Professor, John Roosa, for providing historical context.  The film, which premiered at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival, is about an executioner of accused communists during the mass violence in Indonesia in 1965-66.

Professor Nappi examines how translation shaped knowledge and use of the natural world and human bodies in early modern China, with an emphasis on better understanding culture and society amid global exchange with the Asia-Pacific.

Professor Henry Yu has received the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal, which recognizes outstanding Canadians who have built and continue to build a caring society and country through their service, contributions and achievements.

Originally posted on Niche (Network in Canadian History & Environment) May 15 2012.

Last term I outsourced my teaching. A bunch of people I’ve never met and whose identities and whereabouts I don’t know taught my students. They did it more effectively than I could and they did it for free. And what’s more, you could do the same thing. Just e-mail me your bank account and Social Insurance Number and I’ll fill you in.