Roderick Barman's picture
Research Interests
  • Latin America and particularly 19th century Brazil
  • Social dimensions of politics and formation of generations socialization, and spread of ideas
  • knowledge and attitudes
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Research Interests
  • Western Canadian history, particularly frontier society and development
  • Agrarian and third party protest movements
  • Land and resource use policy, especially grazing, petroleum and water
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Research Interests
  • Twentieth century international organization (League of Nations)
  • Twentieth century British, American, and Canadian foreign policy
  • Modern Canadian religious history
  • History of piano technology
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Buchanan Tower
1873 East Mall Room 1297
V6T1Z1 Vancouver , BC
Research Interests
  • WEBSITE: https://friedrichs.arts.ubc.ca
  • Early modern European urban and social history
  • German history 1500-1800
  • German Jewish history
  • Early modern world history
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Department of History
1873 East Mall, Room 1222
V6T1Z1 Vancouver , BC
Research Interests
  • Soviet Union
  • Tourism
  • Cultural exchange and global encounter
  • Global Sixties
  • Cuba
  • Youth
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Research Interests
  • European intellectual history, particularly the Enlightenment
  • the history of political and social thought
Associate Professor
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Buchanan Tower
1873 East Mall Room 1122
V6T1Z1 Vancouver , BC
(604) 822-5168
Research Interests
  • American history
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Research Interests
  • Modern Chinese history
  • Internal migration in China
  • Military history
  • Regionalism
  • Hong Kong
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Research Interests
  • Social and cultural history of early French Canada, including Acadia
  • Eighteenth-century European and colonial currency
  • the history of Ontario's Niagara region before 1867
  • Twentieth-century Canadian military history
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Buchanan Tower
1873 East Mall Room 1127
V6T1Z1 Vancouver , BC
(604) 371-2808
Research Interests
  • Early American agricultural economy
  • poverty in eighteenth-century urban America
  • Atlantic cultures in the early modern period.
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Buchanan Tower
1873 East Mall Rm 1297
V6T1Z1 Vancouver , BC
Research Interests
  • Canadian social and economic history
  • science and technology in late industrial society
  • women in Cold War science fiction and 1970s radio documentaries
  • Aboriginal women in the industrial economy
  • Pacific/Northwest Coast fisheries and anthropology
Arthur Ray's picture
Research Interests
  • Historical Geography
  • Native history
  • Hudson's Bay Company and the fur trade
  • Economic history of First Nations
  • Economic development of the North
  • Ethnohistory
  • Comparative history of Aboriginal rights litigation research
  • Comparative history of aboriginal litigation research in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States
Majors and LASO Advisor
Senior Instructor
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Buchanan Tower 1118; Office hours 2-4pm: April 9,10,11,12,16,18; May 14,15,16; June 17,18,19,20.
1873 East Mall
V6T1Z1 Vancouver , BC
(604) 822-5162
Research Interests
  • medieval legal and social history
  • the history of women and the family
  • medieval English common law and legal profession
  • medieval governance and society
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Research Interests
  • Canada-United States history
  • the history of ideas in Canada
  • the history of historical writing
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Research Interests
  • Medieval and Early Modern economic history
  • History of technology
  • Energy consumption since 1300
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Research Interests
  • Canadian social history
  • the history of health in the modern west
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Research Interests
  • Victorian England
Alexander Woodside's picture
Research Interests
  • Chinese History
  • Southeast Asian history
  • Comparative history