Dane Allard's picture
Research Interests
  • Canada
Sarah Basham's picture
C.K. Choi Building, Room 275
Research Interests
  • Late imperial China
  • History of science and medicine
  • History of the book
Dylan Burrows's picture
Research Interests
  • Indigenous History
  • Indigenous Subjectivities
  • 19th Century British Polar Exploration
  • Canadian History
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K1Y2X9 Ottawa , ON
(613) 858-5954
Research Interests
  • Canadian Citizenship
  • Civil Liberties in the Great Depression
  • Democracy in 20th Century Canada
  • Liberalism and Conservatism in the 19th and 20th centuries
  • Temperance and Prohibition in Canada
  • Political History, North Eastern North America
  • World War One and Canada
Ken Corbett's picture
Research Interests
  • History of science and technology
  • 19th century Britain and empire
  • 19th century Europe
  • Timekeeping and astronomy
  • History of morality and manners
  • History of capitalism
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Nathan Runsen Gan's picture
C. K. Choi Building 275
1855 West Mall
V6T 1Z2 Vancouver
Research Interests
  • People's Republic of China
  • Chinese Communism
  • propaganda
  • history of the book
  • history of emotions
  • environmental history
  • China-Taiwan relations
Jacob Goldowitz's picture
Office Hours in Orchard Commons (ORCH) 3061
Research Interests
  • Medieval Europe
  • "Seeing like a (medieval) state"
  • History of the Family
  • Demographic history
  • Pre-modern medicine
Stephen Hay's picture
Research Interests
  • Early North America in the Atlantic World
  • Maritime History
  • Inuit History
  • Media and Communications History
  • Economic culture
Jonathan Henshaw's picture
Research Interests
  • 20th century China
  • History and memory
  • Wartime Collaboration
  • Civilian Internment
Kaden Jelsing's picture
Research Interests
  • 19th Century North America
  • Environmental History
  • Settler Colonialism and Indigenous-Settler Relations
  • North American Wests
  • The Anthropocene
  • New Materialism/Object-Oriented Ontology
Henry John's picture
LSK 201
Research Interests
  • Countercultures
  • symbolic resistance
  • popular politics
  • environmentalism
Eric Michael Johnson's picture
Research Interests
  • Evolutionary history in a global context
  • Science, social construction, and transnational political movements
  • Victorian England, Europe, and Late Imperial Russia
Peter Jones's picture
Rm 143, Auditorium Annex A
1924 West Mall
V6T 1Z2
Research Interests
  • Western Europe
  • Early Middle Ages
  • Historiography
  • Narrative
  • Merovingian kingdoms
  • Gregory of Tours
  • Notions of time and historical consciousness
  • Historical Theory
Edgar Liao's picture
Research Interests
  • Southeast Asian history and historiography
  • Singapore history
  • Student activism and politics
  • History of childhood and youth
  • History of colonialism
  • History of emotions
  • History of education
Meghan Longstaffe's picture
Research Interests
  • Canada
  • women and gender
  • Indigenous peoples and colonialism
  • poverty, health, and violence
  • housing and urban environments
  • social movements
  • oral history
Aaron Molnar's picture
Research Interests
  • The Mongol World Empire
  • China and Northeast Asia during the Yuan and Ming Dynasties
  • Inner Asian Borderlands' History
  • Historical Relations between Nomadic and Sedentary Societies
  • Medieval and Early Modern State Formation and Ethnic Identity
Archa Neelakandan Girija's picture
Research Interests
  • Early modern Indian Ocean
  • Asian- European interactions
  • South Asia
  • Urban History
Teilhard Paradela's picture
Research Interests
  • Southeast Asia in the 20th Century: Local Elites, Global Linkages
  • Urban Tranformations (Spaces, Cultures, and Subjects)
  • the Marcos Regime in the Philippines
  • Gender, Performance, History Colonial Encounters, Gender Troubles
  • the Internationalization of Gay Male Identities
  • Spectacles and Spectatorship of Beauty
Sharanjit Sandhra's picture
(604) 851-6325
Research Interests
  • South Asian (Sikh) Diasporic/Transnational Narrative Voice and History in British Columbia
Barbara Schober's picture
Research Interests
  • Modern Jewish History
Simone Senna's picture
Research Interests
  • Nuclear Policy
  • Nuclear Weapons
Ryan Cheuk Him Sun's picture
Research Interests
  • Hong Kong
  • History of the Holocaust
  • Transmigration & Refugee Studies
  • Modern East Asia
  • Modern China
  • Imperialism and Colonialism
  • Modern Japan
  • Digital History/Methods
Josh Timmermann's picture
Research Interests
  • Early medieval Europe
  • Carolingian political and ecclesiastical culture
  • Church history
  • Textual reception
  • Historical Theology
  • Patristics and Late Antiquity
  • Augustine of Hippo
  • Gregory the Great
  • Authorship and authority
  • Canon law and the construction of Christian orthodoxy
  • Conceptions of time, history, and memory
  • Uses of the past
  • Political Theology
Xian Wang's picture
Research Interests
  • Modern China, History of People's Republic of China, Religion and Ethnicity, State Power and Violence
Mark Werner's picture
Research Interests
  • Environmental History
  • History of Science and Technology
  • Animal History
  • Orca
Nicole Yakashiro's picture
Research Interests
  • Canada
Niping Yan's picture
Research Interests
  • China in the Early Modern World
  • Cultural Intermediaries in the Maritime World
  • Translation and Multilingualism in Early Modern Asia
Baris Yorumez's picture
Buchanan 12th floor-Student Lounge
1873 East Mall
V6T 1Z1 Vancouver , BC
Research Interests
  • History of Twentieth-Century Communism
  • Marxism
  • Social Theory
  • Historical Sociology
  • History of Emotions