What’s Arts Co-op all about?

The UBC Arts Co-op Program offers students enriched educational experiences for personal and professional growth. Arts Co-op students alternate between academic terms and challenging, paid work experience.

The Arts Co-op program partners with a diverse range of employers to offer work opportunities that will help you excel in both academic and professional capacities, and prepare you for your future career.
What History grads say about their journeys in co-op:
Mark has two words of advice for prospective Co-op students: “Do it.” He says, “As students, we can have a skewed view of what the world’s like, and many of us probably haven’t taken a lot of time to think about what we truly want to do. Co-op, with its strong network of employers and its online database, make it dead simple for you to explore your career options.” Mark Penny, BA 2011

 “If I could do all over again I might change some things, but I definitely would do Co-op again!” Julia Harrison, BA 2005

“Joining the Arts Co-op Program is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make: professionally, academically, financially, and personally.” Jen Tsui, BA 2007
To read a profile about the experiences of recent History co-op grads, visit http://artscoop.ubc.ca/tag/history/
What you’ll get out of Co-op:

  • Explore career options, while building your skills and discovering your interests
  • Clarify career goals and options available to you with a BA
  • Gain job search skills through extensive and specialized pre-employment training, including resume/cover letter writing, interview, and workplace success strategies
  • Build 12 to 16 months of experience to add to your resume before you graduate
  • Enrich classroom learning, and discover how your degree applies in the workplace
  • Help finance your degree with relevant, paid work
  • Develop a network of contacts that will increase your chances of finding meaningful work upon graduation

For more information, including when information sessions are scheduled, see http://artscoop.ubc.ca