Honours Courses 2017W

  • For third year honours students, a typical programme consists of HIST 333 (the third-year seminar) and six credits of honours tutorials (HIST 321)
  • For fourth year honours students, a typical programme consists of HIST 433 (the fourth-year seminar), HIST 449 (the honours graduating essay), and six credits of honours tutorials (HIST 421).

In addition to the requirements specific to the third year and the fourth year, students must complete in either the third or fourth year:

  • HIST 490 (or one of its equivalents) (3 credits): History department upper division seminar
  • 9 upper division history credits which must include a course in a field related to essay topic; and
  • an exam confirming reading knowledge of French or a foreign language.
Title Instructor Days Met/Term Term Description

History 321A (101)/421A (101) Honours Tutorial: Life-Writing: Approaching History Through Memoirs, Diaries and Other Ego-Texts

Christopher R. Friedrichs M 1

This tutorial will examine aspects of life-writing by men and women in Europe, Asia and North America from the seventeenth to the twentieth century. We will examine how diaries, memoirs and autobiographies come to be written and preserved and how historians use (or misuse) such source material.

History 321B (101)/421B (101) Honours Tutorial: The Global 1960s

Anne Gorsuch Tr 1

Interested in making change? The history of the 1960s has special relevance to many of todays issues. Topics to be studied include (but are not limited to) social change movements, Black Liberation, Third Worldism and decolonization, performance and politics, and student activism.

History 321D (201)/421D (201) Honours Tutorial: From Reconstruction to Redemption: The US and its Two Civil Wars, 1863-1877

Paul Krause T 2

This course charts the complicated, tumultuous political, social, and economic history of what arguably remains the most tumultuous period in US History. Weekly discussions and readings, from primary and secondary sources, as well as regular written assignments can be expected.

History 433 (001) Fourth year seminar: Narrative, History, Memory

Courtney Booker F full year

"If you tell the truth, you dont have to remember anything."