History 373 (201) History of Hong Kong




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(Cross-listed with ASIA 373**) This course explores the history, culture, and identities of Hong Kong from the port's pre-colonial settings in the early nineteenth century to its post-colonial contexts. Its goals are to help students develop the language and tools to understand the metamorphoses of this most unusual metropolis as well as to further their skills in historical analysis. This course encourages students to critically consider Hong Kong's multifaceted identities as well as to take into account the local, national, and transnational (not to mention international) contexts of its spectacular transformations. In addition to that of the departments of History and Asian Studies, this course could also be used
to satisfy the requirements for the programs of Asian Canadian and Asian Migrations Studies and International Relations. Equivalency: ASIA 373.

(**Students should register under HIST 373; could be counted as either ASIA or HIST credits). 

History of Hong Kong at Hong Kong Studies Initiative