Courses - Undergraduate 2017W

Title Instructor Days Met/Term Term Description Poster

History 105 (101) Contemporary Global Issues in Historical Perspective: Pacific War in History and Film

Tristan Grunow W 1

Are you interested in how history is presented on film?  Have you ever wondered whether film reflects or shapes society's views of historical events, or maybe if it does both?  This course examines the interplay between cultural production and conventional memory.  In other words, how and why has

History 105 (201) Contemporary Global Issues in Historical Perspective

Pheroze Unwalla M, W 2

History of the Modern Middle East: The Roots of Conflict

History 237A (201) Major Issues in American History

Jessica Wang M, W 2

This course provides a brief introduction to the history of the United States from the colonial era to the present.

History 373 (201) History of Hong Kong

Leo Shin M 2

History 413 (201) Imagining the Nation: 19th and 20th Century Canada

Michel Ducharme T, Tr 2

The political and intellectual history of the concept of the nation in French and English Canada, and the different forms of nationalism it inspired from the middle of the nineteenth century to the 1995 Quebec Referendum. 

History 418 (201) The 1960s in Global Perspective

Anne Gorsuch T 2

Interested in making change? The history of the 1960s has special relevance to many of today’s issues. Topics to be studied include (but are not limited to) social change movements, Black Liberation, Third Worldism and decolonization, performance and politics, and student activism.

History 420A (201) Gender and Sexuality in Canada

Laura Ishiguro T, Tr 2

This course will investigate two key ideas: first, gender and sexuality have histories—that is, their meanings and experiences have changed across time; and second, gender and sexuality have been not only part of Canada’s history, but also fundamental to it.

History 450A (201) Selected Topics in Latin American History: The Beautiful Game: A Soccer History of Latin America

William French T, Tr 2

The course interprets the history of modern Latin America through soccer.

History 483 (201) Asian Migrations to the Americas

Henry Yu T, Tr 2

Examines both the historical and contemporary contexts for migration from Asia to Canada and the Americas.