History 597A (101) Topics in Comparative History



Nicholas Kenny (SFU)



Course Level





History 597A will take place at SFU Vancouver Campus (Harbour Centre 515 West Hastings Street) - Room: HCC7210

Cities capture our imagination in many ways.  They are the theatres of human drama, settings in which identities are made, communities built, and conflicts waged.  Historical processes have a distinct shape when they occur in cities, and this course will provide the opportunity to reflect on a variety of themes through the lens of the urban environments in which they play out.  With cities from around the world and in various historical periods as our starting point, we will analyse social and cultural interactions, political tensions and economic impulses, as well as migratory patterns and power dynamics of gender, class and race that make urban environments both extraordinarily vibrant and deeply contested.  Recognising that local environments are closely integrated to global processes, we will pay particular attention to the transnational movements and forces at play in the formation of cities around the world.