History 455 (201) Gender and Sexuality in Latin America




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This course examines the interplay of gender and/or sexuality with ethnicity, nationality, class, and other aspects of identity in Latin America and the Caribbean from independence in the early nineteenth century to the present. It draws from scholarly work in history, anthropology, and literary criticism to address subjects such as femininities, masculinities, homosexualities, bisexualities, transgendered, family, national identities, ethnicities, sexuality- and gender-rights, and the workings of power in local, regional, national, transborder and transnational contexts. It is also concerned with the ways in which knowledge about gender and sexuality has been and continues to be constructed. Attention is paid to legal, juridical, medical, social scientific, criminological and human rights discourses as articulated in constitutions and legal codes; literature, including novels and short stories; newspapers; personal letters; testimonios; film, both documentary and commercial; and telenovelas.