History 390A (201) Student Directed Seminar: The Age of Endarkenment


Emre Kurultay (student director)



Course Level



In 2018W, HIST 390A is a student directed seminar. The student director is Necdet Emre Kurultay, hist390a@gmail.com. The topic is The Age of Endarkenment: An Intellectual History of Modern Europe. To achieve true enlightenment, 18th century European philosophers dared their contemporaries, and arguably future generations as well, to know. This line of thinking has ushered in an unprecedented era of ‘progress’. Yet two centuries later, a shift in European thinking resulted in one of the darkest periods in its history, in which the achievements of this very progress nearly destroyed Europe. How can one make sense of this shift in European thinking without judging the past? What was the intellectual context for this darkness? Is this darkness relevant at all for our contemporary world? If so, how? Drawing upon the methods of intellectual history, students will engage in critical discussions, debates and research regarding one of the most fascinating periods in European history