History 321A (101)/421A (101) Honours Tutorial: History of Death




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History of Death - This course is an exploration of the role of death and dying in history a field also known as thanatology. Topics covered will include rituals around death and dying, mourning, mass death, cemeteries as representations of society, ghosts and the undead, extinction, and even the very definition of death. While we will spend a significant amount of time looking at the historical development of dominant North American death practices e.g. the funeral industrial complex and our general distance from death and the dying we will also consider other cultural approaches and contexts. In addition to significant amounts of reading, students will conduct original research and be asked to attend at least one community event dealing with the subject, with the understanding and~

that the history of how we have died tells us a great deal about the history of how we have lived with each other and with the Earth and our fellow planetary inhabitants.