History 305 (101) British Columbia




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The history of British Columbia is all around us: in its rivers and its roads, its buildings and its property boundaries, its politics and its people. This course will examine the diverse processes that have shaped this history, with a particular focus from the late eighteenth century to the present. We will consider a wide range of topics including settler colonialism; the role of race, gender, age, and sexuality in shaping society and experience; official regulations and personal histories of migration; politics, power, and protest movements; changing understandings of the environment; and British Columbia’s relationship with Canada and the world beyond its borders. In so doing, we will investigate how these histories have been told and re-told, and continue to shape the ways we live here, whether we call it home, consider ourselves visitors, or something in between. Through assignments and activities, you will have the opportunity to expand on particular areas of interest, to conduct original research, and to connect class materials with the communities in which you live.