History 302 (001) History of the Indigenous Peoples of North America




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This course is a broad overview of the histories of Indigenous peoples and settler colonialism in what became Canada and the United States, from before first contacts with non-Indigenous peoples to the near future. We will pay special attention of the diversity of communities and individuals what came to be categorized as “Indian”; to the diversity of non-Indigenous communities, individuals, and colonialisms; to the historical agency of Indigenous peoples; and to the ways in which our present circumstances have been shaped by the past. Themes and topics will include ecological encounters between continents and peoples, economic and religious exchanges, policy and law, the social construction of race and other identities, the place of Indigenous peoples in the culture and politics of colonialism, and Indigenous strategies of resistance, accommodation, and survival. By the end of the course, students will have an understanding of “Native issues” such as residential schools, treaties and land claims, and environmental justice, and how these issues affect all of us who call this continent home.