History 105D (201) Contemporary Global Issues in Historical Perspective: The Modern Middle East: Roots of Conflict




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In 2018W, the topic of HIST 105D is History of the Modern Middle East: The Roots of Conflict. Beginning in the late Ottoman Empire and running to the present-day, this course introduces students to the history, politics and culture of the modern Middle East. With emphases on the impact of war, colonialism, nationalism, and Islamism on the diverse cultures and peoples of the region, the course aims to facilitate the adoption of an informed, critical approach to the study of the Middle East’s past and present. While there will be much discussion of military developments and the current violent entanglements in the region, we will also challenge the common but false notion of a region perpetually embroiled in conflict by engaging with social, cultural and intellectual trends, looking to everyday life and common people in addition to major political events and personas. Finally, students will debate and interrogate popular representations of the region and its populations and will be encouraged to critically reflect on their own past and present visions of the Middle East.