History 105C (201) Contemporary Global Issues in Historical Perspective: Social Movements




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In 2018W, the topic for HIST 105C, 201 is Social Movements. We will consider the phenomena of global social movements in historical perspective.  We will consider social movements from the 18th century forward as context for understanding social movements around the world today.  We will consider a wide range of social justice causes around which people have mobilized historically including democracy, anti-slavery, suffrage, feminism, anarchism, civil rights, anti-imperialism, workers’ rights, Indigenous rights, gay rights, peace, and the environment.  We will learn about well-known leaders of social movements such as Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, and Martin Luther King, as well as lesser-known grassroots activists.  We will investigate questions including: what is a social movement?; what strategies have proved successful for social movements in the past?; how can we assess the impact and success of social movements; and what can historical social movements tell us about efforts to create change in society today?