Why the PhD Co-op in History

Program goals

  • to extend secure graduate funding into the 5th and possibly 6th years of the PhD program;
  • to give graduate students well-paid, relevant work experience divided across their dissertation years (PhD co-op positions pay $20-$25/hour depending on the employer – a 14-week work term at 37.5 hours/week at $25 is $13,125);
  • to reduce the financial and academic strain often faced by students who run out of money after year 4 and have to work nearly full time, often substantially delaying completion of their degrees; and
  • to provide insight and experience into “alt-ac careers” for graduate students who may choose not to work in academia after graduation.

The History PhD Co-op Program gives students the opportunity to

  • explore various career options and gain substantial, “alt-ac career” experience to put on their resumes
  • enrich academic learning with workplace experience
  • develop their professional skills and network
  • apply to positions that require students to be in a co-op program (such as federal government jobs and some positions in the cultural industries)
  • finance their degrees with relevant, paid work