Tina Loo and the Site C Dam

The NDP government recently announced their decision to move forward with the construction of Site C Dam. The controversial project, which is set to cost the province an estimated $10.7 billion, has been actively protested by environmentalists and Indigenous communities. Dr. Tina Loo has written various pieces on the province’s history with large Dam projects, most recently on Cite C, and their effects on local communities and provincial economies.

Her recent publication, 'To C or not to C': Dam Development in Northern British Columbia explores BC’s history of hydroelectricity  and its effects on local Indigenous communities protesting its development. For further reading on Loo's work, see An Environmental History of Progress: Damming the Peace and Columbia Rivers, Disturbing the Peace: Environmental Change and the Scales of Justice on a Northern River and People in the Way: Modernity, Environment, and Society on the Arrow Lakes.

Tina Loo teaches Canadian history and environmental history at the University of British Columbia. She's written on wildlife management and the social and environmental impacts of hydroelectric development. Her current project is an examination of forced relocations in postwar Canada.