Scholarships and Prizes in History

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Essays and Competitions

F.H. Soward Prizes: Two prizes of $100 each for the best two essays on any historical topic submitted by first year students enrolled in first year courses. Topics must be approved in advance by course instructors, and submitted to the scholarship committee in typewritten form by 15 March.

Allan Boag Prize: $2000 for best essay on some aspect of socialism. For students majoring in commerce, history, economics, international studies, law, political science, or sociology.

Francis V. Lumb Prize: $425 for best essay incorporating a critique of modern capitalism.

International Relations:
Gerald N. Savory Memorial Prize ($250), Mack Eastman United Nations Prize ($400), and The United Nations Prize ($175). Adjudicated by the International Relations Committee.

Scholarships and Prizes

Arts Undergraduate Society Bursary: $150 for a needy undergraduate student majoring in French, English, or History.

B.C. 1958 Centennial Scholarship: $1650 for a student entering third year in humanities or social sciences with an outstanding academic record

Conway Summer Travel Scholarship in German History. $5450 for an Honours or Graduate student in the History Department, to visit historic sites or regions in the field of German history, contact scholars in this subject, attend conferences or archives, or take suitable language courses.

Edward and Marie Cook Memorial Prize: Prize of $200 awarded to an undergraduate student who has achieved a high academic standing in courses in Canadian History.

Jack Diamond Scholarship: $800 for a student in liberal arts.

Kathleen and Hugh Keenleyside Prize: Prize of $300 awarded to an outstanding graduating student specializing in Canadian History.

August Larson Memorial Prize: $100 for a first or second year student writing the best essay on an aspect of South Asian history or culture.

Fritz Lehmann Memorial Prize in History: Prize of $450 awarded to an undergraduate student for outstanding achievement in any third or fourth year course offered by the History Department which deals primarily with the history of Asia, Africa, or Latin America.

Eberts Mills McKechnie Scholarship: Scholarship of $350 awarded to the most deserving and meritorious undergraduate entering the final year of study in History.

Hector Gordon Munro Scholarship: Scholarship of $850 awarded to an undergraduate entering the final year of study in History.

Native Daughters of British Columbia Scholarship: Scholarship of $1200 awarded to a Canadian-born graduate or undergraduate student, for research work on early B.C. history carried out in the Provincial Archives.

J.H. Stewart Reid Medal and Prize in Honours History: Gold Medal and Prize of $250 awarded to the student graduating with the most outstanding record in Honours History.

John and Annie Southcott Prize: Prize of $300 normally awarded to a fourth year student or to a graduate proceeding to a higher degree, but may be awarded to a third year student, possessing exceptional aptitude for research and pursuing some approved investigation in B.C. history.

Gilbert Tucker Memorial Prize: Prize of $125 awarded to the leading student in the field of the French in North America, enrolled in History 307 or 401.

Leslie Upton Memorial Prize: $300 for a third or fourth year student majoring in History, Medieval Studies, or International Relations who has written the best essay in a competitive examination organized by History.

Women's Canadian Club of Vancouver Scholarship in Canadian History: Scholarship of $350 awarded to the undergraduate obtaining first place in Canadian History (History 302, 303, 326, 329, 404, 420, 426, 430, 437, 493).

External Prizes

BC Jewish History Research Prize: Scholarship of $500 for works of scholarship and public history projects making substantial use of the BC Jewish Community Archives. Such works can include but are not limited to: a published or unpublished essay of up to 10,000 words, an exhibit (either online or physical), or a documentary film.