Regional Clusters


canada.jpgDucharme, Michel

  • British North American colonies (1749-1873)

Ishiguro, Laura

  • British Columbia
  • the British Empire
  • comparative histories of empire and settler colonialism
  • migration and mobility
  • family and intimacy
  • Canada and the Pacific world

Lee, Steven

  • Canadian and American diplomatic history
  • Cold War
  • modern Korea

Loo, Tina

  • 19th century Canada
  • law and society
  • British Columbia
  • environmental history

Miller, Bradley

  • Law and legal history
  • state formation
  • political history
  • Canada

Raibmon, Paige

  • Indigenous people and colonialism
  • Life writing and life history

United States

Paris, Leslie

  • Modern American social and cultural history
  • childhood and youth
  • gender and sexuality
  • popular culture

Thrush, Coll

  • Northwest Coast and the American West
  • place-based research and teaching
  • the aboriginal history and the cultures of colonialism
  • environmental history
  • history of food

Wang, Jessica

  • United States in the 20th Century

Yu, Henry

  • American intellectual history
  • Asian American history
  • race and immigration
  • social science and social theory in US and Europe


europe.jpgBooker, Courtney

  • Intellectual and political history of Carolingian era
  • historiography; rhetoric, narrative, and hermeneutics
  • codicology, transmission of texts, intertextuality
  • medievalism

Brain, Bob

  • History of science, technology, and medicine
  • modern European cultural and intellectual history

Dixon, Joy

  • Nineteenth and century Britain
  • cultural and intellectual history
  • gender, sexuality, and the body
  • history of religion
  • empire and postcolonialism

Friedrichs, Christopher

  • Early modern urban and social history
  • German history, 1500-1800
  • the Reformation
  • German Jewish history

Glassheim, Eagle

  • East/Central Europe
  • The Habsburgs
  • modern Germany
  • environmental history

Kojevnikov, Alexei

  • Russian Empire and Soviet Union
  • 20th century Europe
  • science and society

Menkis, Richard

  • Middle East
  • Holocaust;
  • Jewish history

Heidi Tworek

  • News and Media
  • International Relations
  • International Organizations
  • Legal History
  • Germany and Europe
  • Higher Education
  • Global History
  • Business History

Latin America

French, William

  • Latin America
  • Mexico (19th and 20th century)
  • labour and social history
  • working class culture
  • gender


[caption]<img  data-cke-saved-src="" src="" alt="" />This is an image caption[/caption]Brook, Timothy

  • Late Imperial
  • Modern China

Cheek, Tim

  • 20th century Chinese history
  • the history of the Chinese Communist Party
  • the role of intellectuals in public life in China

Mayer, Tara

  • Colonial South Asian history
  • Constructions of Britishness
  • Indo-European commodity exchanges
  • Clothing and other forms of material culture
  • Orientalist portraiture
  • Empire and aesthetic influence

Peterson, Glen

  • Modern China
  • education and the construction of modern Chinese political and cultural identities
  • China and the overseas Chinese
  • history of Chinese transnationalism

Prange, Sebastian

  • History of pre-modern South Asia with a focus on trans-oceanic networks

Roosa, John

  • Southeast Asia
  • South Asia
  • nationalism
  • colonialism
  • oral history
  • social memory
  • genocide

Shin, Leo

  • Later Imperial China
  • cultural and social history

Africa and the Middle East

Byrne, Jeffrey James

  • International history
  • decolonisation
  • the Cold War
  • revolutionary movements
  • North Africa/Maghreb
  • modern Middle East
  • modern Africa

Morton, David

  • urban Africa
  • architecture and planning in history
  • informal settlement, housing, and citizenship
  • Mozambique in the twentieth century
  • Portuguese colonialism

Unwalla, Pheroze 

  • Modern Middle East
  • Turkey and the Ottoman Empire
  • Islamic World
  • Memory Studies
  • War, Conflict, and Terrorism
  • Nations & Nationalism
  • Global and Comparative History
  • First World War