Public History Project- Japan on the Record Podcast

In this new podcast series, Assistant Professor without Review Dr. Tristan Grunow interviews scholars of Japanese studies about issues in the news.  This new series grows out of Dr. Grunow’s earlier Meiji at 150 Podcast, which has garnered over 35,000 downloads for 138 episodes (and counting) with scholars of Japanese history, literature, anthropology, folklore studies, and architecture about their research and recent publications.  In Japan on the Record, scholars bring their expertise to bear on current events, with earlier episodes on Japan’s December 2018 withdrawal from the International Whaling Commission, and the recent popularity of Japanese lifestyle-guru Marie Kondo. 

Japan on the Record also features eight podcast episodes produced by UBC students in Dr. Grunow’s HIST 376 “Modern Japanese History since 1800”.  In these episodes, students share their research on issues in contemporary Japanese society, ranging from pollution, to homelessness and social inequality, to war memory and pop culture, to diplomatic disputes, and even Alt-Right views of Japan. 

Listen to the student podcasts here on the Japan on the Record website.  Or subscribe to Japan on the Record on Apple Podcastson Spotify, or on Google Play