Moving Forward

You will not find every career opportunity in this guide. We have tried to include those jobs that students of history and historians are most likely to pursue upon graduation. Because of the diversity of other types of work, such as working in the government, for a corporation, starting a small business, or forms of self-employment beyond those listed here, we advise that you consult with career counsellors, published reference material, and other online resources to develop your personalized career goals.

A degree in History will help you develop transferable organizational, research, analytical, and rational thinking skills. It is up to you to develop specific skills that will get you where you want to be career-wise. This guide aims to help show you a variety of careers that historians generally pursue (as well as some emerging fields), what the career entails, and what you need to think about in order to achieve such a career. The links at the end of each section provide more resources.

We welcome your input (for example: other resources that historians might find useful, your own experiences as a historian, or of things you think could be better defined in this resource). Simply contact us to share your ideas.