Introduction: Why are you a historian?

Take a moment to reflect on this question. Why are you a historian? (Or for prospective students of history, why would you like to be a historian?) You might want to stop reading this and write down your reasons for being a historian.

What you write down are your personal reasons for pursuing history; you should keep them close to you as you read this website. They will personalize your journey through this career guide.

Consider your list. Have you included what you are passionate about in the study of history? Consider what fires you up inside not just about history, but also about life. By considering your passions, you will get far more out of exploring this career guide.

One more question. What is your ideal lifestyle? Let’s break that question down a bit. Think about what you enjoy most in terms of daily and long-term living. What are your top priorities? One person’s priority may be financial security; another’s may be time with family or for oneself; another’s may be focusing on writing, researching, or teaching.

Okay, that’s a loaded series of questions. But if you outline them all, you will sail through this career guide confident that it will yield useful information that may either confirm or reshape your career path. With those ideas sketched out, let us journey on.