Honours Program

"As a History major, you will learn history. As a History honours student, you will learn how to be an historian." Yannick Thoraval (Honours Student, 2002-2004)

"History Honours provides the opportunity for students to get the most out of their university experience." Annie Moore (Honours Student, 2001-2003)

honours1.jpg“I highly recommend the History Honours program to anybody interested in history. The seminars provide an opportunity to talk, listen and debate with peers as well as to think independently about issues of concern to historians. The senior thesis allows you to work closely with a professor while exploring an in-depth topic of your own choosing. The skills that you gain in the program, such as writing, thinking and researching, will last a lifetime. The small classes and shared experiences allow bonds to form between you and your peers and professors. You become an individual in a supportive and caring community. Is the program hard work? Sure, but it is definitely worth it and was one of my best experiences in university.”  Reina Mistry (Honours Student, 2005-2007)


The Essence of the Honours Program

  • a significant thesis project

  • explicit training in historiography and methodology in HIST 333 and HIST 433

  • small tutorials with like-minded and dedicated students

  • a strong sense of intellectual community; an esprit du corps

In the History Honours Program, students make the shift from being consumers of history to becoming producers of honours2.jpghistorical knowledge. Participation in small seminars and the preparation of a graduating essay helps them to develop skills in critical thinking, research and writing, oral presentation and argument. Many honours students go on to graduate school in history, but the program is designed for all academically able and highly motivated students interested in a research-intensive program. Many History Honours students have gone to law school, gotten education degrees, or pursued other forms of professional training.  To help students succeed in the program, honours students are closely mentored by faculty members throughout their two years. In addition, honours students create their own close knit intellectual and social community through shared seminars, dedicated study space, and infectious enthusiasm for the study of history.