Honours Program

"Don’t let the honours program be kept a secret from you; don’t let it intimidate you; apply, apply, apply! For someone even considering graduate school in their future, there is no better path than this program." Jacob Goldowitz (Honours Student, 2015)

"The program challenges everything you think you know about historiography (in a good way!), the faculty are enthusiastic and make themselves readily available to guide you through the process, and the participation-heavy seminar style encourages students to actively involve themselves. This program inspired me to continue studying history at the graduate level, and provided an opportunity to build lasting friendships – I definitely recommend it!" Robin Bunton (Honours Student, 2015)

honours1.jpg"History honours benefited me in many ways. To name three: it allowed me to dive deep into a topic that was completely of my own choosing, it offered me a friendly intellectual neighbourhood in the sometimes overwhelming big city that is UBC, and it gave me the opportunity to work closely with my advisor, who I still view as a great mentor years after graduation." Catherine Bright (Honours Student, 2009)

The Essence of the Honours Program

  • a significant thesis project

  • explicit training in historiography and methodology in HIST 333 and HIST 433

  • small tutorials with like-minded and dedicated students

  • a strong sense of intellectual community; an esprit du corps

In the History Honours Program, students make the shift from being consumers of history to becoming producers of honours2.jpghistorical knowledge. Participation in small seminars and the preparation of a graduating essay helps them to develop skills in critical thinking, research and writing, oral presentation and argument. Many honours students go on to graduate school in history, but the program is designed for all academically able and highly motivated students interested in a research-intensive program. Many History Honours students have gone to law school, gotten education degrees, or pursued other forms of professional training.  To help students succeed in the program, honours students are closely mentored by faculty members throughout their two years. In addition, honours students create their own close knit intellectual and social community through shared seminars, dedicated study space, and infectious enthusiasm for the study of history.

For a full list of theses completed in the History Honours Program, check out the History Honours Thesis Archive