Indigenous Practices of Authority & Peoplehood Workshop - May 13-15 2019

The Department of History hosted a transnational, interdisciplinary workshop that focused on “Indigenous Practices of Authority” from May 13-15 2019.   Guided by Dylan Robinson (CRC in Indigenous Arts, Queen’s University), participants first explored this topic through a walking tour of interventions by Indigenous artists in Mount Pleasant and the False Creek Flats.   They then spent two days sharing examples from their on-going work that relate to the workshop theme. 

In addition to Dr. Robinson, the other participants were: John Borrows (Law, UVic,), Brenda Child (American Studies, U Minnesota ), Phil Deloria (History, Harvard), Michelle Jacob (Education, University of Oregon), Rauna Kuokkanen (Arctic Indigenous Studies, University of Lapland), Raymond Orr (Political Science, University of Oklahoma), Jean O’Brien (History, U Minnesota), Beth Piatote (Ethnic Studies, UC Berkeley), Justin Richland (Anthropology, UC Irvine), and Paige Raibmon (History, UBC).  The workshop was generously funded by CIFAR and supported by the Department of History.  Special thanks to Salishsan Catering for the wonderful meals and to Jacqui Sullivan at CIFAR and to Kathryn Vit and Jocelyn Smith in the Department of History for their organizational and logistical help.

Summary written by Paige Raibmon