Honours in History with Arts Co-op

History Honours can be combined with the Arts Co-op Program.  The Arts Co-op Program has one intake period annually in September. Applications are normally available on the Arts Co-op web site in August.  We recommend that students interested in combining History Honours with Arts Co-op apply for the Co-op program in their second year and do their first Co-op term prior to the start of third year. However, it is also possible to apply to the Arts Co-op Program in your third year after you have entered the Honours Program.  You can find out more about the Arts Co-op program at http://artscoop.ubc.ca/.

If you want to pursue this option, you should speak to the Honours Chair, Prof. Robert Brain and to Julie Walchi, the Director of Arts Co-op (Julie.walchi@ubc.ca) in order to work out a schedule for your co-op terms.