Honours Classes

Honours seminars facilitate exploration and training in how to think historically. They bring students together to consider problems of wide import to the discipline.

All incoming honours students take HIST 333, which introduces them to the philosophy and practice of history, and teaches them how to conceptualize and complete a research project.  HIST 333 is a full-year course, but students who want to participate in an exchange or co-op program may divide it, taking half in their third year and half in their fourth year.   

In their graduating year, students take HIST 433, a seminar in which they discuss the research and writing of the senior thesis, and study a broad issue of current concern to the discipline.

The one semester-long honours tutorials present large units of history in terms of region, period or, most often, theme. Each tutorial, small in size, is open to both third- and fourth-year honours students. Students are required to take one tutorial each year. To account for their intensity, they are worth twice the usual number of credits.

History honours students are required to take a history department "capstone" course (HIST 490, or an IR seminar in the History with IR stream) as well as nine credits of upper division history courses, which should include an upper division history course in a field related to their thesis topic.