Former Students - Placement

First Names Last Name Title Current Title Link Link to Work Year
Alexey Golubev Elemental materialism : objectifying power and selfhood in the late USSR, 1961–1991 Assistant Professor 2016
Kelly Lynn Cairns Germany's workshop : expellee craft and postwar national rebranding Co-owner and Manager 2016
Denzil Ford The sea, the ship, and I : stories, things and objects from oceanography during the Cold War Content Strategist 2015
Henry Trim Experts at work : the Canadian state, North American environmentalism, and renewable energy in an era of limits, 1968-1983 Policy Analyst 2014
Birga Meyer Difficult displays : Holocaust representations in history museums in Hungary, Austria and Italy after 1990 Museum Curator 2014
Cameron Whitehead The Bulgarian Horrors : culture and the international history of the Great Eastern Crisis, 1876-1878 Senior Advisor 2014
Joshua Horowitz Nakona wasnonya yuhabi/Assiniboine knowledge keepers : Indigenous archiving from the 19th into the 21st centuries Tenure-track Professor 2014
Fred Vermote The role of urban real estate in Jesuit finances and networks between Europe and China, 1612-1778 Assistant Professor 2013
Jan-Henrik Friedrichs Urban spaces of deviance and rebellion : youth, squatted houses and the heroin scene in West Germany and Switzerland in the 1970s and 1980s Postdoctoral Fellow 2013
Somaditya Banerjee Bhadralok Physics and the Making of Modern Science in Colonial India Assistant Professor 2013
David Luesink Dissecting modernity : anatomy and power in the language of science in China Assistant Professor 2012
Laura Madokoro Unwanted refugees: Chinese migration and the making of a global humanitarian agenda, 1949-1989 Assistant Professor 2012
Meng-Hsuan Yang The great exodus : sojourn, nostalgia, return, and identity formation of Chinese mainlanders in Taiwan, 1940s-2000s Postdoctoral Fellow 2012
Anna Belogurova A durian for Sun Yatsen : interwar communism in British Malaya (1926-1942) Postdoctoral Fellow 2012
James Sedgwick The trial within: negotiating justice at the International Military Tribunal for the Far East, 1946-1948 Instructor 2012
Mandujano-Lopez Ruth Transpacific Mexico : encounters with China and Japan in the age of steam (1867-1914) Sessional Instructor 2012
Desmond Cheung A socio-cultural history of sites in Ming Hangzhou Assistant Professor 2011
Tim Sedo Linzhang county and the culturally central periphery in mid-Ming China Assistant Professor 2011
Naomi Lloyd Evangelicalism and the making of same-sex desire : the life and writings of Constance Maynard (1849-1935) Sessional Instructor 2011
Jack Patrick Hayes Environmental Change, Economic Growth and Local Societies: "Change in Worlds" in the Songpan Region, 1800-2005 Assistant Professor 2008