Expanding Career Possibilities

In this website we talk about the rewards of academic careers and also of the many non-academic careers available to historians. There are more careers for historians than becoming university faculty. In the United States, 2010 Bureau of Labor figures show that 40% of PhD recipients ended up with jobs outside of working in a university:

  • working with private for-profit companies and non-profit agencies (11.4%),
  • in various levels of government (7.8%),
  • in two-year college programs (7.4%),
  • in elementary and secondary schools,
  • in research institutes, self-employed, or working for other educational institutions.

This clearly demonstrates that there are opportunities outside of the academy. We endeavour to introduce a variety of career possibilities for which historical knowledge and training have direct applications: in academia, primary and secondary education, public history, and in media and the arts.