Equity Committee Update #4

This week we have seen two important announcements. Earlier this week we saw the appointment of Paula Butler of Butler Workplace Solutions (http://www.butlerworkplacesolutions.com/aos.html) to conduct a review of UBC’s response to the recent concerns over sexual harassment and sexual assault  on campus. Today we learned of the appointment of Sally Campbell (http://www.sallycampbellmediator.ca/) by the Dean of Arts Office to assist the History Department in particular in coming to terms with recent events and rebuilding community. The Equity Committee was formed to assist the department in meeting its obligations to create a respectful, inclusive, and equitable working and learning environment and we remain deeply committed to that work.  At the same time, these two appointments overlap in important ways with our original task, and it will be important for us to begin by determining, in consultation with Butler and Campbell, how best we can contribute to this process.  As a result we have decided to postpone some of our planned activities (including a student survey) until we have had a chance to find out more about what Butler and Campbell have planned. Sally Campbell has already asked to meet with the members of the Equity Committee in early January and we will be working alongside her to determine our next steps. 

In the meantime, feel free to contact Joy Dixon, Equity Officer and Chair of the Equity Committee, at joy.dixon@ubc.ca if you have any questions or concerns.