Equity Committee Update #2

The equity committee now has a new member, representing sessional faculty: David Borys. The committee met on 14 October to plan the Equity Town Hall meeting for graduate students and post-doctoral fellows, which took place on 3 November.  Over 20 people attended, and the whole of the committee was also able to be there. At the meeting we shared our vision of the areas in which the committee could make a contribution, which were as follows:

  1. Department culture (“climate”) around equity issues broadly defined
  2. Procedures/departmental response to concerns
  3. Resources and education
  4. Advocacy around improvement of procedures at the university level

There was a lot of useful discussion and many suggestions for areas of work which the committee will be following up on over the next few weeks.  We have also had an opportunity to meet with some individuals to discuss their concerns about equity issues in the department – if you would like to make a submission to the committee, please contact Joy Dixon to arrange a time and place to meet with members of the committee.