English translation of the Latin texts of Agobard of Lyons

Athird project is an English translation of the Latin texts of Agobard of Lyons. As bishop of Lyons from 816 to 835, Agobard was an outspoken "southerner" who constantly sought to have a voice in Carolingian court politics to the north. To this end, he penned several letters, entreaties, and admonitions over the course of his career to Emperor Louis the Pious and his courtiers, urging them to take action against matters ranging from the "impious practice" of the judicial ordeal to the "malignant effects" of associating with Jews to the "unseemly and iniquitous" conduct being increasingly displayed by the emperor himself. In short, Agobard's extant texts, which vary in both content and intended audience, provide a nearly unparalleled lens through which to observe the political and religious, the social and economic, and the prosaic and arcane world of ninth-century Europe.