Early Modern Research Cluster

This cluster is inspired by a desire for a multidisciplinary community with shared and varied interests in early modern studies. It will serve as a forum for faculty, graduate and interested undergraduate students. The EMRC conceives of ‘early modern’ as global and flexibly ranging from 1300-1800. The group will meet once a month to hear talks and discuss papers by UBC faculty from different departments (Asian Studies, Economics, English, FHIS, History, Music) and from invited speakers. 

Convener: John Christopolous

Meetings will be held in Buchanan Tower, room 1197. 


Term 1

Sept. 20: James Fleming (SFU, English): "'The more Navigation increaseth': Sir Francis Bacon's idea of discovery and the origins of scientific naturalism"

Oct. 25: Michael Wintroub (UC Berkeley, Rhetoric): "Balance of Trust: Hostages, Stars, Bonnets and Beads on a sixteenth century voyage of discovery"

Nov. 6: Mi Gyung Kim (North Carolina State University, History): "A People-Machine: Visualizing the Nation"

Nov. 16: Bronwyn Wilson (UCLA, Art History): "Perspective, the Horizon, and the Human Compass. On the phenomenology of conversion and some early modern Mediterranean travel images"


Term 2

Jan. 25: Saygin Salgirli (UBC, AHVA): "Sequencing Images, Sequencing Social Order: The Story of an Eighteenth-Century Ottoman Manuscript"

Feb. 1: Susanna Braund (UBC, CNRS): TBA

Mar. 1: Ilinca Iurascu (UBC, CENES): "In Papyro: Jacob Christian Schäffer and the Reinvention of Paper"

Mar. 21: Mary Terrall (UCLA, History): "Indigo Trials and Tribulations: Michel Adanson's Encounter with Africa"