Current Graduate Students

The HGSA represents graduate history students to the department and the university. We meet monthly and arrange social and academic activities. The History department faculty and administration are very receptive to graduate student concerns and, via the HGSA, graduate students are elected to sit on important departmental committees, such as hiring committees, the graduate program committee, and the space committee.

The academic highlight of the year is the annual Qualicum Conference. The conference is attended by graduate students in history from throughout Western Canada, and UBC always sends a strong contingent. Although the stated purpose of the conference is primarily academic, the comraderie and conviviality of the conference is the real draw. The HGSA is in the process of organizing, in cooperation with the University of Washington, an annual conference that would alternate between Vancouver and Seattle.

The HGSA also organizes a monthly graduate student seminar, intended to be a forum for issues currently of concern to graduate students. Past topics have included the Promises and Perils of Oral history, Archival work, the political relevance of history as a discipline, as well as numerous paper and presentation work shops. In addition to groups that meet along regional or thematic research clusters, graduate students have organized a number of less formal reading groups that tend to meet bi-weekly. As of late 2007, we have at least two reading groups devoted to China, a Foucault reading group, a Central Europe reading group, an international relations reading group, and an interdisciplinary science, technology and medicine group. We also organize sessions for the peer-editing of grant proposals, abstracts and research papers.

The current president of the HGSA is Cameron Whitehead.