Coursework Requirements

A total of 5 coursework including a historiography course, if not taken at the graduate level, and the Doctoral Research Seminar.  Pls. see below for breakdown of graduate courses to take for PhD students:

  • The Doctoral Research Seminar (3 credits).  The research seminar introduces students to the problems, materials, and research methods in history; candidates must demonstrate their ability to use documents and other sources, and to write and defend a primary-source research paper.
  • Area and thematic Courses (3 courses, 3 credits each).  In contrast to the Doctoral Research Seminar, the purpose of the readings courses is to introduce students to the main historiographical problems and secondary literature in their fields of specialization.  Readings and topics courses require written work (approx. 3,000-4,000 words per course) from students as evidence of their growing mastery of secondary literature.

  • Historiography Course.  Students who have completed graduate-level Historiography History courses may apply for an exemption from this course requirement.

  • With the permission of the Graduate Advisor students may take up to 3 credits of graduate coursework from outside the History Department.  Language courses may not be substituted for graduate readings courses.

  • Teaching Preparation and Professional Development.  PhD students are required to take the Teaching and Professional Development Workshop Series in their first two years of their program.  The objectives include course design, lecture fundamentals, paper presentation, and how to publish.  These workshops are designed to prepare doctoral students to teach an undergraduate course in years 3 or 4.

  • Departmental Colloquia Series.  Graduate students are expected to attend the different colloquia scheduled for the whole academic year.