Central Europe Working Group 2012-13

The Central Europe cluster brings together faculty and graduate students for discussions that tie Central European history to broader geographic and thematic historiographies.  This cluster will gather in mixed discussions of work in progress and seminars around shared readings and topics. We expect to meet this year once every 6 weeks.  Our first meeting, on October 2, was a discussion of readings on nostalgia.  We will also have one interdisciplinary gathering to bring together Central Europeanists around the university (CENES, Geography, Landscape Architecture, Music, History).

The cluster includes 4 faculty members (Chris Friendrichs, Bob Brain, Kyle Frackman of CENES, and Eagle Glassheim) and 6 graduate students (Dmitry Mordvinov, Stefanie Ickert, David Meola, Ken Corbett, Sebastian Huebel, Jurek Elzanowski).  There are also 4 graduate students in absentia and a few other occasional members.