Admission to Honours

Each year the History Department admits to the Program about fifteen students, chosen on the basis of academic achievement and promise. To qualify, these students must complete 12 credits of lower division history or the equivalent at UBC or another post-secondary institution, of which 6 credits must be at the 200 level.  Prospective students should obtain at least an A- average in these courses (though we will occasionally make exceptions if the marks are in the very high B+ range).  Students must also meet the Faculty of Arts requirement of an overall average of 68% in their first two years. The admissions committee will take into consideration students' overall academic records, their letters of recommendation, their  writing samples, and the application essay itself.

Students typically apply at the end of their second year in college or university. The department opens the application process up in mid-March and closes it mid-May. The Honours Committee will begin selecting candidates soon after the deadline. Students who have been admitted to the Program will receive a letter from the Honours chairperson by the end of May confirming their admission and telling them how to proceed with registration. Students with assigned registration time before mid-June should register for regular classes and then withdraw and register for Honours classes should they be accepted into the program.

For more information on the Program, contact:

Chair of the History Honours Program,
Prof. Robert Brain
History Department,
University of British Columbia, 
1119 -1873 East Mall, 
Vancouver, B.C. V6T 1Z1
Telephone: (604) 822-5409

You are about to fill out an application for the Honours Program.  Before proceeding to the application, you should first complete the following steps:

  1. Prepare PDF copies of your university transcripts (these do not need to be official transcripts).
  2. Arrange for confidential letters of recommendation by two professors or instructors who have taught you during your first two years at UBC or another institution.
    • At least one referee should ordinarily be a member of the History Department
    • However, students who took Arts One may use instructors from that program instead. 
  3. Once your referees have agreed to write letters for you, please tell them to expect an email with instructions on how to upload their letters of recommendation to the History Department's website.
    • Prior to filling out this application you should have been in contact with your referees.
  4. Obtain the email addresses of your two referees.
  5. Choose a writing sample.  Please choose a paper of between 3 and 15 pages in length that you have written for a university course (preferably a history course), in doc, docx, or pdf format.


you have not been in contact with your referees and/or do not have the other materials ready,


please return to the application later.


you have been in contact with your referees and have the above materials ready,


please continue to the application. 

Applications to the Honours Program 2019W are now being accepted.

Start the process here.