Careers for Historians has become a reality thanks to the input of many people. They have all been essential to shaping the information presented here. While there is room for further input from those who read this resource to refine it, we are especially grateful for the generous comments, some of which have been used verbatim, from:

  • Rob Annan, Senior Policy Analyst and Grants Specialist, MITACS, Ottawa, Ontario;
  • Stephen Bridenstine, MA Student, History, UBC;
  • Rosemary Burd, Teacher, Vancouver, BC;
  • George de Zwaan, Reference Archivist, Library and Archives Canada, Ottawa, Ontario;
  • Margaret DeLacy, Independent Scholar, Portland, Oregon;
  • Michel Duquet, Executive Director, Canadian Historical Association, Ottawa, Ontario;
  • Nancy Gallini, Professor, Economics, UBC;
  • Margery Hadley, Aevum Archives & Research Services, Victoria, BC;
  • Geoff Horner, PhD Candidate, History, UBC;
  • Eric Michael Johnson, PhD Candidate, History, UBC;
  • Amanda Klang, Writer/Broadcaster, CBC/Radio-Canada, Vancouver, BC;
  • Ruthann LaBlance, Manager, Digitization, Ontario Genealogical Society, Toronto, Ontario;
  • Susan Lanzoni, Independent Scholar, Division of Continuing Education, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts;
  • Pamela O. Long, Independent Scholar, Washington, D.C.;
  • Lorraine McConaghy, Museum of History and Industry, Seattle, Washington;
  • Eric Nellis, Historian, History, UBC;
  • Dianne Newell, Professor, History, UBC;
  • Jennifer Pecho, Archivist, Records Manager and Privacy Coordinator, Archdiocese of Vancouver, BC;
  • Adrian Petry, Public Programmer and Senior Interpreter, St. Catharines Museum & Welland Canals Centre, St. Catharines, Ontario;
  • Karen Reeds, Independent Scholar, Princeton Research Forum, Brunswick, NJ;
  • Michael Sappol, National Library of Medicine, Bethesda, Maryland;
  • Judy Smith, Director, Community Education Program, Continuing Studies, Lifelong Learning, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, BC.

 Also many thanks to the faculty and staff in the Department of History at the University of British Columbia who edited and gave this online resource direction, especially Alejandra BronfmanJoy DixonEagle GlassheimAnne Gorsuch, and Laura Ishiguro. Special thanks to Hart Caplan who designed and implemented the website. Also to Carla Nappi for answering questions on the fly.

We are particularly grateful for the resources that others have put together that have been of tremendous use for this project, many of which are referenced directly in the text of this online guide.