About the Department

The History Department at the University of British Columbia is an intellectually vibrant centre of scholarship and teaching. We are one of five original departments in the Faculty of Arts that commenced offering undergraduate classes when the University of British Columbia accepted its first students in the fall of 1915. Our faculty— two-thirds of whom have been hired since 2001—have won national and international research fellowships and prizes. Our dedication to teaching has meant that History faculty have been frequent recipients of UBC Killam Teaching Awards.

Our faculty study and teach about the history of Canada, East Asia, Europe, the United States, Latin America, Africa, South and Southeast Asia, and the Near East as well as in the history of science. The History Department offers a complete range of degree programs at the undergraduate and graduate level. Talented and motivated undergraduate students can join our two-year honours program which offers one of the best and most intensive programs of its kind. We offer graduate training in the history of all parts of the world from the medieval period to the present. The Department has special strengths in East Asian history and the history of science. Historians of indigenous history constitute a smaller contingent within the Department, but one that builds on a long and important UBC tradition. Environmental history is a fourth cluster of real significance.

We also have strong links, both formal and informal, to many other disciplines and research units in the university. Members of the department are involved in a wide range of interdisciplinary programs including Arts One, Canadian Studies, United States Studies, First Nations and Indigenous Studies, 19th Century Studies,  Latin American Studies, Medieval Studies, Science and Technology Studies, and Interdisciplinary Graduate Studies.

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope it will spark your interest in the exciting research and teaching offered by the Department of History.