Youth in Revolutionary Russia: Enthusiasts, Bohemians, and Delinquents

TitleYouth in Revolutionary Russia: Enthusiasts, Bohemians, and Delinquents
Publication TypeBook
AuthorsGorsuch, AE
PublisherIndiana University Press

In Bolshevik Russia, the successful transformation of young people into communists was crucial for the future of the Soviet state. Soviet youth needed to be shaped into communists in every aspect of their daily lives—work, leisure, gender relations, and family life. But how could the Bolsheviks accomplish this enormous project? What did it mean to be "made communist"? What were the consequences if prerevolutionary and "bourgeois" culture and social relations could not be transformed into new socialist forms of behavior and belief? Drawing from a wide range of sources—diaries, party speeches, propagandistic writings, scientific studies, and literature—Anne Gorsuch reveals the rich diversity of youth cultures in Soviet Russia during the 1920s. .From the clash between ultracommunist visions of what Russian young people should be and the flamboyant style of flappers and foxtrotters so prominently imported from the capitalist West, emerges a vivid picture of the construction of Soviet youth.