Women and the city: gender, space, and power in Boston

TitleWomen and the city: gender, space, and power in Boston
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsMyers, T, Deutsch, S
JournalUrban History Review
ISBN Number0703-0428
KeywordsCanada, History, Public participation, Urban planning, Women

The last three chapters focus on women’s organizational efforts. We are introduced to three mainly bourgeois, Protestant women’s organizations in chapter 5, where Deutsch takes us from the origins of 19th-century female voluntary associations to their transformation into important vehicles of municipal change in the early 20th century. Some, like the Women’s Educational and Industrial Union, involved "class-bridging" activism and challenged spatial boundaries of Boston by making their presence felt in the city centre, typically a male-dominated area. The following chapter examines the working-class women’s desire and struggle to improve employment opportunities and working conditions, highlighting the tenacity of ethnic divisions in women’s occupations. Then we move to the political arena for a retelling of the suffrage battle and the emergence of the new female politician.