Technology and Industrial Organization: Dutch Shipbuilding to 1800

TitleTechnology and Industrial Organization: Dutch Shipbuilding to 1800
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1975
AuthorsUnger, RW
JournalBusiness History
ISBN Number0007-6791
Keywordsarticle, Building/Buildings, Dutch, Dutch shipbuilding to 1800, History/Historic/Historical, industrial organization, Organization/Organizations/ Organizational/ Organize/ Organizers/ Organized/ Organizing, Ship/Ships/Shipping, TECHNOLOGY

The Flemings first began building ships in the eleventh century; the Frisians followed suit in the northern Netherlands during the Middle Ages. The fourteenth & fifteenth centuries saw larger ships built by trade towns, & the seventeenth & eighteenth brought centralized shipbuilding locations, resulting in lower prices. Independent shipbuilders banded together in guilds, & the master builders obtained the contracts & owned or leased the wharfs. Eighteenth century industrialization resulted in a decline of design development, but also in lower costs, faster production, & standardization. Guild-inspired competition for quality in the nineteenth century brought renewal of design & technology. S. Stanton.