Swallows and settlers: the great migration from North China to Manchuria

TitleSwallows and settlers: the great migration from North China to Manchuria
Publication TypeBook
AuthorsGottschang, TR, Lary, D
Number of Pagesxvii-xvii
PublisherCenter for Chinese Studies, The University of Michigan
CityAnn Arbor
9780892641345, 0892641347
and Philanthropy: Asia including Middle East (N35), and Transportation Economics: Regional Migration, Demography, Economic conditions, Economic History: Labor and Consumers, Education, Health, Income, Industry Studies, Internal, Migrant, Migrant labor, Migration, Neighborhood Characteristics (R23), Population, Population (P23), Real Estate, Regional, Regional Labor Markets, Religion, Rural, Socialist Systems and Transitional Economies: Factor and Product Markets, Urban, Wealth, Welfare

Examines the great movement of people from North China to Manchuria in the early twentieth century based on aggregate statistical data and interviews with individual migrants. Discusses the forces that shaped migration; family migration strategies, migration in relation to family composition, and remittances; the attachment to home and networks of fellow locals as the principal mechanism for migration; return migration; and the commitment of North Chinese workers to pursue family interests through migration regardless of political concerns. Bibliography; index.