Re-interpreting Canada’s Past: A Post-Confederation Reader, 4th edition

TitleRe-interpreting Canada’s Past: A Post-Confederation Reader, 4th edition
Publication TypeBook
AuthorsKuffert, L, Ducharme, M, Bumsted, JM
PublisherOxford University Press
CityDon Mills
  • The fourth edition is fully revised and contains new readings that expose students to a variety of different topics from the beginning of the post-Confederation era through the present.
  • An updated and expanded art program better engages students and enriches their understanding of post-Confederation Canada through examples of visual history, including fine art and consumer culture.
  • The reduced length makes it easier to incorporate readings into course work.
  • A new companion website, featuring a guide to using both volumes of Interpreting Canada’s Past with J.M. Bumsted’s A History of the Canadian Peoples, 4/e and The Peoples of Canada, 3/e.

Interpreting Canada’s Past: A Post-Confederation Reader is a supplemental book and the second of two volumes. It includes both primary and secondary documents. This volume is designed to accompany J.M. Bumsted’s two-volume textbook The Peoples of Canada or his single-volume text A History of the Canadian Peoples.

This edition contains two primary documents and two historical interpretations in each chapter, except in Chapter 7, which contains six examples of visual primary documents and two historical interpretations, making the book much shorter than the third edition. Thus it will be easier for instructors to incorporate these readings into coursework. Each chapter also includes an introduction to help contextualize the documents, a list of questions for consideration, and a list of suggested further readings.

Readership: Interpreting Canada’s Past: A Post-Confederation Reader is intended for students of Canadian history. This course is usually taught at the second- or third-year level at universities.