Inikori's Odyssey: Measuring the British Slave Trade, 1655-1807

TitleInikori's Odyssey: Measuring the British Slave Trade, 1655-1807
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1995
AuthorsRichardson, D, Behrendt, SD, Eltis, D
JournalCahiers d'Etudes Africaines
ISBN Number0008-0055
Keywords1655-1807, AFRICA, article, British slave trade estimates, Eighteenth Century, England, Great Britain, History (1655-1807), International trade, Methodological Problems, Seventeenth Century, Slave trade, Slavery, United Kingdom

Questions the methodology underlying Joseph Inikori's revised upward estimates of the volume of the British slave trade in 1698-1807 published in 1989 by David Richardson. Further evidence is also offered in support of Richardson's claim that his estimate represented probably an upper-bound figure for slave shipments from the west coast of Africa. 1 Table, 29 . Adapted from the source document.