COLLABORATIONS ON THE PERIPHERY: The Wolcott-Sewid Potlatch Controversy

TitleCOLLABORATIONS ON THE PERIPHERY: The Wolcott-Sewid Potlatch Controversy
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsNewell, D, Schreiber, D
JournalBC Studies
ISBN Number0005-2949
KeywordsCommunity, Cultural change, Dance, Education, Field study, Learning

91 Although the controversy Wolcott set in motion in Peripheral Participation may have expanded and made more timely (even if only momentarily) discussion on the meaning of the contemporary potlatch and how to represent it, his methodology also sets his research subjects apart from the representations he makes of them.92 However, given the nature of the Northwest Coast potlatch, in which what people say about it later - concerning the affirmations of rank, privilege, rights, and prestige - may be just as important as (and, indeed, is part of) the event itself, such a separation of representation and subject matter cannot, in this case, be justified.