Atlantic History and the Slave Trade to Spanish America

TitleAtlantic History and the Slave Trade to Spanish America
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsBorucki, A, Eltis, D, Wheat, D
ISBN Number0002-8762
KeywordsCOLONIAL TRADE, Evaluation, History, Latin American history, Slave trade, Slavery, SPAIN

  Borucki et al present new data on transatlantic slave arrivals and a comprehensive examination of the intra-American trans-imperial traffic, thereby offering a fresh assessment of the slave trade to the Spanish Americas. Their analysis of this material leads to a new appreciation of not only the African presence in the Spanish colonies, but also–given the links between slavery and economic power before abolition–the status of the whole Spanish imperial project. Overall, they find, more enslaved Africans permanently entered the Spanish colonies than the whole British Caribbean, making the Spanish Americas the most important political entity in the Americas after Brazil to receive slaves.