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C. M. Booker, Past Convictions: The Penance of Louis the Pious and the Decline of the Carolingians. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2009. (273.92 KB)
C. M. Booker, translation of Peter R. McKeon, 817: Une année désastreuse et presque fatale pour les Carolingiens, Le Moyen Age, vol. 84. pp. 5-12, 1978. (107.55 KB)
C. M. Booker, Louis the Pious, Division of the Kingdom (831). . (78.93 KB)
C. M. Booker, Pope Gregory IV, Epistle to the Bishops of Louis the Pious (June, 833). . (69.83 KB)
C. M. Booker, Agobard of Lyons, Liber apologeticus, I (June, 833). . (79.1 KB)
C. M. Booker, Agobard of Lyons, Liber apologeticus, II (ca. July–Oct. 833). . (74.49 KB)
C. M. Booker, Louis the Pious, Epistle to Hilduin of Saint-Denis (late 834–835). . (46.37 KB)
C. M. Booker, Walafrid Strabo, Poem to Empress Judith (ca. 834–835). . (57.81 KB)
C. M. Booker, Ebbo of Reims, Resignation (Feb. 835). . (31.68 KB)
C. M. Booker, Thegan, Epistle to Hatto (836). . (31.97 KB)
C. M. Booker, Adalhard the Seneschal, Epistle to Walafrid Strabo (late 839). . (35.96 KB)
C. M. Booker, Walafrid Strabo, Prologue and Chapter Titles to Thegan, Gesta Hludowici imperatoris (late 840–842). . (53.42 KB)
C. M. Booker, Odilo of Saint-Médard, Extract (chps. 44–45) from the Translatio sancti Sebastiani (ca. 930). . (66.95 KB)
C. M. Booker, Latin Terms for Damming and Diverting Water, Bulletin Du Cange (Archivum latinitatis medii aevi), vol. 54, pp. 93-98, 1996. (295.7 KB)
C. M. Booker, Precondition to Miracle: The Construction of Discernment and Its Application in the Works of Sulpicius Severus and Gregory of Tours, Orpheus: Rivista di umanità classica e cristiana, vol. 18, pp. 182-95, 1997. (881.01 KB)
C. M. Booker, The Codex purpureus and Its Role as an Imago regis in Late Antiquity, in Studies in Latin Literature and Roman History, vol. 8, C. Deroux Brussels: Éditions Latomus, 1997, pp. 441–77. (4.42 MB)
C. M. Booker, Interview with Patrick J. Geary, Comitatus, vol. 29, pp. 1-20, 1998. (277 KB)
C. M. Booker, Review essay of Paul Edward Dutton, Charlemagne's Courtier: The Complete Einhard (Peterborough, Ontario, 1998), Comitatus, vol. 30. pp. 179–87, 1999. (183.32 KB)
C. M. Booker, Imitator daemonum dicor: Adalhard the Seneschal, Mistranslations, and Misrepresentations, Jahrbuch für internationale Germanistik, vol. 33, pp. 114–26, 2001. (584.06 KB)
C. M. Booker, The Demanding Drama of Louis the Pious," review essay of Ivan Gobry, Louis Ier: Premier successeur de Charlemagne (Paris, 2002), Comitatus, vol. 34, pp. 170–75, 2003. (148.88 KB)
C. M. Booker, Review essay of Gabriel Piterberg, An Ottoman Tragedy: History and Historiography at Play (Berkeley, 2003), Comitatus, vol. 35. pp. 265–71, 2004. (499.43 KB)
C. M. Booker, Byte-Sized Middle Ages: Tolkien, Film, and the Digital Imagination, Comitatus, vol. 35, pp. 145–74, 2004. (258.43 KB)
C. M. Booker, A New Prologue of Walafrid Strabo, Viator, vol. 36, pp. 83–105, 2005.
C. M. Booker, The Public Penance of Louis the Pious: A New Edition of the Episcoporum de poenitentia, quam Hludowicus imperator professus est, relatio Compendiensis (833), Viator., vol. 39, pp. 1–19, 2008.
C. M. Booker, Histrionic History, Demanding Drama: The Penance of Louis the Pious in 833, Memory, and Emplotment, in Vergangenheit und Vergegenwärtigung: Frühes Mittelalter und europäische Erinnerungskultur, H. Reimitz and Zeller, B. Vienna: Verlag der Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften, 2009, pp. 103–27. (508.12 KB)