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A. Golubev and Takala, I., “The Harsh Reality of Fine Words: The Daily Implementation of Immigration Policies in Soviet Karelia, Journal of Finnish Studies, vol. 15, no. 1 & 2, pp. 125–145, 2011. (692.29 KB)
A. Golubev, Elenius, L., Lähteenmäki, M., and Tjelmeland, H., Introduction, in A History of the Barents Region, L. Elenius and al., et Oslo: Pax, 2015, pp. 18–27.
A. Golubev, Memory Silenced and Contested: Oral History of the Finnish Occupation of Soviet Karelia, in Reclaiming the Personal: Oral History in Post-Socialist Scholarship , G. Grinchenko and Khanenko-Friesen, N. Toronto: U of T Press, In Press, pp. 115–127.
A. Golubev, Remembering and Re-Evaluating ‘Ashamed’ Experience: Interaction with the Political Police in 1945–1956 in the Memory of the Soviet Karelian Population, in Erinnerungen nach der Wende. Oral History und (post)sozialistische Gesellschaften (Remembering after the Fall of Communism: Oral History and (Post-)Socialist Societies) , A. Stephan and Obertreis, J. Essen: Klartext Verlag, 2009, pp. 263–274.
A. Golubev, Time in 1:72 Scale: Plastic Historicity of Soviet Models, Kritika: Explorations in Russian and Eurasian History, 2015.