History 420A (201) Gender and Sexuality in Canada




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This course will investigate two key ideas: first, gender and sexuality have histories—that is, their meanings and experiences have changed across time; and second, gender and sexuality have been not only part of Canada’s history, but also fundamental to it. Through lectures, discussions, and assignments, we will examine the changing meanings, lived experiences, and central roles of gender and sexuality in the history of northern North America, with a particular focus on the past 150 years. Key topics will relate to settler colonialism, migration, nation-building, science, family, violence, education, sports, activism, and more! Through this course, you will develop an understanding of how gender and sexuality have shaped people’s lives, social institutions, popular culture, political policies, and the meanings of Canada itself. Overall, HIST 420 aims to help you to build a solid foundation from which to develop critical understandings and cogent, supported arguments about a history that is intimately lived, urgently debated, and politically charged in the present.