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    Welcome to the UBC History Department’s Graduate Program. Our prize-winning faculty have created an exciting graduate program located in a dynamic university in one of the world’s most desirable cities.
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    In the History Honours Program, students make the shift from being consumers of history to becoming producers of historical knowledge.
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    A resource for history students to explore career options.
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    Learn more about one of North America's strongest research groups in the History of China



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Everything you need to know to both apply to and graduate through the UBC History Programs:

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History Department, University of British Columbia
Call for applications to teach in:

The UBC History Department invites applications for Killam Postdoctoral Research Fellowships.

The Department of History, University of British Columbia (Vancouver), invites applications for a one-year position as an assistant professor without review in the field of modern Japanese history, effective 1 July 2016. Candidates must have a Ph.D. in hand or expect to have successfully defended prior to 1 July 2016. They are expected to provide evidence of excellence in research, as demonstrated by published contributions or potential contributions to scholarship in their field.

The Department of History, University of British Columbia (Vancouver) invites applications for a tenure-track appointment at the rank of assistant professor in the history of early modern Europe, with an expected start date of 1 July 2016. The department is interested in candidates who focus on the history of western or central Europe during the period 1450-1700.  All applications are welcome, but preference will be given to scholars whose work complements and expands on the department’s existing strengths.


RT : Day of the Dead altar by students https://t.co/eLkvESP8R5
RT : Join us Th, 5pm for 's talk on German news & approaches to : https://t.co/gVyzKsdCl0
Carla Nappi talks w/ Joe Dennis abt on gazetteers in late imper : https://t.co/gtXZKCMz0Q
RT : Tina Loo speaking at MIT this Friday http://t.co/g9Yt6eQtfF
RT : . prof says condo's location is crucial for Chinatown as a heritage conservation area https://t.co/UXHZLowi2N
RT : On the traumatic 20th century events in Russia - join us on Thurs. at 5 pm for a talk by Alexei Kojevnikov: http://t.co/l1lhJ1hAb0
UBC’s talks to Dana Simmons abt Vital Minimum French science & politics More at: http://t.co/RzJ5gXyeHF
UBC History’s and tweeting 70th anniversary of the United Nations: http://t.co/0jdMplTfN2
Check out this video from Henry Yu's students. https://t.co/gjWDHp7uGf
Welcome to the participants at ! Conference program available http://t.co/adrc0PppWF
Congratulations to Gabriela Aceves Sepúlveda, winner of 2015 CHA John Bullen Prize, for outstanding PhD thesis! ^eg

Department Colloquia 2015

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History of China at UBC

The Department of History offers a complete set of courses on China for undergraduates and provides graduate students with training in fields from the Ming dynasty to the Republic congruent with the expertise of its faculty. Please browse through this History Department sub-site and learn more about our research and teaching programs.

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Careers for Historians

Welcome to Careers for Historians. This is a resource for history students to explore career options. It’s for those who are considering pursuing studies in history, for those who already have a history degree (undergraduate or graduate) and are wondering about what career paths exist, and for faculty members to refine how they advise their students.

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In Press

P. Krause, "Iron and Steel Industry," "Andrew Carnegie," and "Homestead Lockout", in The Oxford Companion to United States History, P. Boyer and al, et New York: Oxford University Press, In Press.

Recent Faculty Publications

G. Peterson, Transnational Philanthropy and the Chinese Overseas, Monde(s): Histoire, Espaces, Relations (Paris-Sorbonne/Les editions Armand Colin), vol. 6, no. 2, pp. 65-88, 2014.

Recent Student Publications

Proving Grounds: Militarized Landscapes, Weapons Testing, and the Environmental Impact of U.S. Bases B. Davis, Defending the Nation, Protecting the Land: Emergency Powers and the Militarization of American Public Lands, in Proving Grounds: Militarized Landscapes, Weapons Testing, and the Environmental Impact of U.S. Bases, E. A. Martini Seattle: University of Washington Press, 2015.